YAB YUM Music and Arts: Arietta on Drum n Bass, Building a Vision, and the Power in “No” [interview]

by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

While most of my relationships with artists are friendly at best, Candelaria Alvarado, AKA Arietta, has been a steady pillar of support and personal mentor in my journey in the world of music journalism*. With 15 years of classical/jazz training and work as a multi-instrumentalist, her passions have taken her to multiple creative avenues, be it in the form of an artist management collective, breakbeat duo, or a quick break to study electroacoustic art installation and ethnomusicology.

Since 2016, Arietta has reverted almost all of her attention back to her bread and butter: her successful tenure as a producer and DJ within the electronic sub-genre of Drum + Bass. I sat down with Arietta to discuss her recent set at Relentless Beat’s UK Thursdays in support of Dirtyphonics and Apashe, as well as her experience with growing her career in a male-dominated industry.