YAB YUM Music and Arts: Arietta on Drum n Bass, Building a Vision, and the Power in “No” [interview]

by Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen

While most of my relationships with artists are friendly at best, Candelaria Alvarado, AKA Arietta, has been a steady pillar of support and personal mentor in my journey in the world of music journalism*. With 15 years of classical/jazz training and work as a multi-instrumentalist, her passions have taken her to multiple creative avenues, be it in the form of an artist management collective, breakbeat duo, or a quick break to study electroacoustic art installation and ethnomusicology.

Since 2016, Arietta has reverted almost all of her attention back to her bread and butter: her successful tenure as a producer and DJ within the electronic sub-genre of Drum + Bass. I sat down with Arietta to discuss her recent set at Relentless Beat’s UK Thursdays in support of Dirtyphonics and Apashe, as well as her experience with growing her career in a male-dominated industry.

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[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 189 – Arietta

This week we’ve got another desert dweller in the one like Arietta. Any time a submission comes in from someone from the southwest, they always come with the business. Arietta is no stranger to handling her business either. With over a decade of classical musical training, she lends her ear to the decks with much the same skill and precision as a traditional instrumentalist. Arietta comes heavy with the bass attack and lets is ride it’s way up and down your spine for this hour of heat. Only her careful use of phrasing can release you from this weighty banger. Arietta dabbles in breaks too, so I will be sure to dig deeper into her catalog to get a taste of that goodness to (and so should you, duh)! After you’re done enjoying this, add Arietta to your “watch list” since she’s currently working on her first EP that’s guaranteed to show her passion and purpose through sound. Arietta is also blazing a path of her own using electronic music projects to build social/political awareness around them. All of the biggest ups to her for this move – we need more of this action in our world, and not just for the sake of drum and bass.

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ThatDROP.com: Arietta Releases A Summer Recap Video In Anticipation Of Goldrush 2017

The inaugural edition of Arizona’s Gold Rush Festival provided attendees with a promising, diverse lineup including Arietta. The weekend spans from November 18-19, 2017 and features additional artists such as Shiba-San, Marshmello, Migos, Dillon Francis, Justin Jay, Lil Pmp, and Snow Tha Product. How could we ask for more? Arietta, one of the Drum + Bass scene’s most illustrious DJ-producers, will be joining Goldrush’s Wandering Wagon stage.

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MusicJunkie.TV: Summer Recap Video

Arietta recently dropped an aesthetically pleasing video in collaboration with 120db Photography masterfully highlighted a day in the life Arietta through her musical outlet recapping her summer adventures and tour-dates throughout the season. “PIM”, her upcoming track, is paced with a pandemonium-filled line percussion.

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Elements DnB Boston: Arietta

You may have noticed Arietta, a Phoenix, AZ transplant on the elements dancefloor in recent months, or perhaps you’ve turned into her Bass Movement radio show on junglistradio.com. Well it’s time for her to take the stage and show us what she’s about! Opening set by Fox. Cover $5 before 11pm then $7. See you there!

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ANIMA: Arietta Releases Introspective "Turn of Fate" (SUMMER LIQUID MIX)

Inspiration can become reality at the tip of a hat, or sometimes can much slower and arduous process. In drum + bass maven Arietta’s case, a rush of emotion and looking back over one’s shoulder can create enough material for a new DJ mix. If you’ve been keeping up with the mistress behind the boards, Arietta’s style and recent tracks have evolved to a point where most artists hope to venture sonically.

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Arietta Debuts BASS Movement: RISE with Frankie Bones

Although we always recognize Arietta for her large contributions to the Drum + Bass scene, she has been hard at work building a following of listeners with her Junglist Radio segment, BASS Movement with Arietta. While her current show highlights the contributions of local artists to the scene, Arietta will be launching a new segment entitled, “BASS Movement: Rise.” “Rise” will focus on a slew of international DJs who have made their cultural impact on various genres in the world of electronic music undeniable. .

On Sunday, August 26th, the “Godfather of the American Rave scene” known as Frankie Bones will be making his debut appearance on the brand new radio show. While Frankie tackled genres like techno, house, and breakbeat in the past, Bones will be throwing all normal conventions aside by performing an exclusive Drum + Bass set. This will be a huge surprise for fans who are used to his other material, as his impact on the electronic scene has spanned over three decades. While D+B might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Frankie Bones,” there is no question that the experience will be unique for fans and himself alike.

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Back in the beginning of the year, an ID Spotlight hit our inbox that was from one Candelaria Alvarado. Usually, these are more geared for fans, and less so DJs, but I found myself diving into her musical productions and falling in love with her sound. Having been involved in the electronic music scene since 2006, well that was her first party at least, Arietta has made a massive name for herself over the years. With a history stemming in the world of jazz, it was no surprise that she quickly picked up music production and DJing. Drum & Bass is her genre of choice, and you should definitely check out the quality vibe she puts out in her sets in the guest mix below. She has recently relocated from Phoenix to Boston, so we figured what better time than now to chat with her about her work and introduce you all to her today!

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Relentless Beats: Binary Hertz Previews Two Hot Tracks, Signs Up Donald Glaude and Arietta for Brand New E.P.

Now, did you think just because they were at work in the studio means there was no fun to be had? Well, you might be surprised to know that fellow music mastermind Ariettaproviding some drum + bass dirty action in their remix, which floats almost fluidly without disturbing the integrity of the original track. Much like the original mix, Arietta’s small sample of this remix contains enough gusto to prove her classical training as a virtuoso in composition and instrumentation. Suppose Arietta’s remix could provide that tactful yet dirty drum + bass to the further organic sound that Binary Hertz is pushing, which can definitely provide a mixture that could be groundbreaking for future releases.

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